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Become a published author!

EBook formatting

Electronic books, or "eBooks" are getting extremely popular with reading enthusiasts. People are turning more and more to reading on portable devices for their convenience and ability to instantly download publications.

If you are an author, I Candy can help you by taking your writings to the next level: professional eBook formatting. We convert your work to the industry standard




formats for readers like the Kindle™, tablets like the iPad and Nook, even smartphones. All your images integrate seamlessly with text, and are optimized for efficient file size. We add your copyright, ISBN and other important information. A complete package!

Getting published can also mean getting paid

Once your publication is eBook formatted, you can self-publish your work on Amazon and other online book stores. This means exposure and equally important: revenue for your hard work. The more you sell the more you earn. Stop waiting for a publishing firm to accept your work. Become your own publisher today! Contact I Candy for our low eBook publishing rates.