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50220 Saddle Rock Way  Johnson Valley, CA 92285
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In these times having a strong social media presence is just as important as having a powerful website. Facebook and Twitter are by far the two biggest, must have social media platforms.

Standard Facebook wall pages, or off-the-shelf Twitter backgrounds that others are also using will not bring you the likes or the business interests to increase your market share. I Candy can customize your social media pages for you using the latest proven methods to give your business or organization the edge you have been longing for.

Facebook has introduced more restrictions on what you can present in your page's visual profiles. With the Timeline cover photo and profile image format, no more requests for visitor action are allowed in the cover photo. This requires a whole new strategic design process to keep people coming to your pages and staying interested in your products and services.

I Candy  continually monitors Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter policies and trends, so the social media strategies we offer our clients are the most up-to-date, highly results driven strategies. Contact us to see what we can do to help boost your very important social media presence. Our consultations are free with absolutely no obligation.

Custom Facebook, Google +, and Twitter Pages

Turn your average looking Social Media pages into custom, eye-popping pages that will carry your branding and bring you fans!

Fundageek Twitter page thumbnail
Our Facebook page customized in the latest  "timeline" format with large cover photo.
I Candy custom designed Twitter page for FundaGeek, a crowd fundng corporation.
I Candy Facebook page thumbnail
I Candy Google Plus + page thumbnail
Our Google + page customized with large cover photo and integrated profile image.
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